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Need the 1995 E320 Wiring Harness. Anyone know where to get it cheap?

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Part number is: A 124 440 29 33

The dealership wants $895. Anyone know a place where I can get it cheaper (or have one for sale)? I need it ASAP... within a couple days tops.
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Try A & F out of California. I my V8 harness retailed for 600, I paid less through my shop, but i would imagine that the simpler harness on the L6 is cheaper. give Hurbert a call at 1800 748 6330 Ext.110

PS, I have an intake air temp sensor i bought for my moms car but no longer need it, NIB first $10 takes it. Will work on m104 motors. part number 010 542 57 17. Dealer list at twice this price.

Happy driving
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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