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I already read through Eric's W220 B Pillar Removal thread, complete with the MB instruction manual.

However, I'm unable to detach the top part of the b-pillar.

I can get my fingers up inside the seat belt slot on the pillar and feel the spot where it's connected about 2" above the top of the uppermost reach of the sliding/pivot mechanism, but am hesitant to pull any harder on it for fear I'll break it.

The two clips that are adjacent to this internal fastening point appear different than the other clips lower down on the pillar.

Any suggestions?

PS: I'm digging this thing apart because the tensioner frequently seizes and makes it really hard to pull the belt out, except in very small increments. And, the sliding adjuster falls down to the bottom just as soon as you raise it up. Bought a used belt assembly to replace the faulty one, but no clue on how to keep the slider from dropping down. It's mildly annoying because I'm 6'4" and I'd really like the belt to come across my left shoulder several inches higher than it does now.
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