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2004 CLK500
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I have a strange annyoing and intermittent vibration/buzzing sound coming into the cabin upon coming to a stop. I recently had my a/c compressor changed which required the engine to be lifted slighty from the motor mounts. I'm trying to see where the noise is eminating from so tonight I noticed that with the parking brake firmly applied and the car in drive that the drivers side of the engine has more vibration than the passenger side; its especially noticable in the air intake tubes. I'm wondering if the tech did not torque the drivers side motor mount enough.

Would one of you be kind enough to see if this is the same case for your 500 too? Just make sure the car is fully warmed up put the car in gear and FIRMLY apply the parking brake (it won't move I promise), then place your hand on the intake tube for each side and see if you notice one side buzzing more than the other.

If both sides are the same then I've got my answer, if not and the drivers side is vibrating more than the psngr. then I need to keep looking. The whole thing takes less than 2 mins to check!

Your help is most appreciated!

Thank you.
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