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Hopefully not violating any forum rules by cross-posting this from the W220 forum:


As mentioned in the title, I have a 2005 S600. Love to drive the car. I'd like to replace my COMMAND Head Unit with a more robust system. I currently have controls on the steering wheel, hands-free phone (but no phone that can use it), and voice activation (which I never use). I'd like to get a unit with some improvements:

Better GPS (current one shows only 2 streets in Guthrie, OK. It's small but not THAT small).
Bluetooth phone integration
DVD video playback
iPod integration
USB and/or memory card compatibility of some kind would be a plus.
I'd really like to keep my steering wheel stereo controls and hands-free (pipe dream?).

I enjoy my music, but I don't need super bass or for my tunes to be heard two city blocks away. So for me the speakers and such are fine, I just want to see what options I have for a new head unit. I've seen the Kenwood DNX8120 get mentioned a time or two, but what are the other options?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Oh, and can someone confirm/deny that I currently have US COMMAND-APS with a MOST ring? I believe this is the factory installed unit (built-in DVD (reads MP3s) and has the SAT button instead of the TV button with the Navigation DVD in the trunk with the CDC). Sounds silly, but I'm not very technical when it comes to car audio equipment and thought I might as well ask. Heck, I don't even know how many speakers this thing has.

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