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Need new wheels

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I know that the wheels we have stock are.

Front 18 X 8.5 ET31
Rear 18 X 9.5 ET38

So how would the same setup but with ET35 F&R work? I assume if both were 35 they would work but im worried about the bigger brakes. 31 and 38 seem like odd offsets and im imagining its because of the brakes.


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Given the aftermarket offset and aftermarket rim width, you may be fine. I would be more concerned with the front fitment. Nonetheless, unless by "same setup" you mean the same rim design, offset and rim width is not as important as the aftermarket rim design. I believe more information is in order; i.e. Which aftermarket rim are you considering?

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Andy the stock rims are:

front - 18x8 et31
rear - 18x9 et35 (not et38)

This car is very difficult to put new rims on up front. Many of the wheels listed on and will not fit - using the 245/40/18 tire. North America is the only ones with 245/40/18 and 275/35/18 on W210 E55's. The rest of the world got 235/40/18 and 265/35/18 from the factory. So most, if not all wheel specs assume the euro/world tire size.

For an 8.5 width you will need an offset between et25 and et28 if you want to use the US 245/40/?? tires. A 8.5 et35 will not fit unless you use a 235/40/?? tire. I got rubbing inside with a 4mm inward change. I tried to use a 18x8.0 et35 with a Nitto 555 tire in 245/40/18 and it rubbed. I had to use the OEM Dunlop SP Sport 9000 in same size and there is no more room left inside. The Nitto tire has a broad shoulder and the Dunlop has a rounded shoulder.

So any rim using a 245 tire that pushes the rim inward more than 4mm may rub. A 8.5 et35 rim pushes the rim inward 10mm. I got rubbing on this suspension nut:


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I agree with Kev,


Cast Aluminum Alloy

18x8 Front Offset: 31mm Weights: 25lbs
18x9 Rear Offset: 35mm Weights: 26.5lbs

Bolt Pattern:

Painted Silver with Machined Lip, Clearcoat
Center caps and lugs not included. Uses original factory caps and lugs.
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