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Need list of differential gear ratios in W124's

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E220-3.67/3.07 these gear ratios sound correct right?
Well the one in our 300E is a 3.07, well since the 300D has a 2.87 are there any others that are available? We need to go 2.7* to 2.87 if there are any 2.7* ones that are available, which models are they in? Only reason we want to run these gear ratios is cause the last 260E we had was revving high and didnt go anywhere and then threw a rod the rod. That could have been something else, but high revving around the track isnt good. And when we did some burnouts with the 300E in the dirt it feels like its loosing gearing right away we need to run these gears out longer. any info would be great this car is for dirt racing enduros so thats why we wanna change it if possible. also I am not going to run into problems of the output flanges being different lengths cause I dont feel like change halfshafts. thanks
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I believe that (memory issues) 260E is 3.27, 300D is 2.65, and 300E is 3.07

I have one for sale, EDIT: 2.87 ratio from a W124 diesel (its not from the parts car in my signature). I purchased it a few years ago for my 87 300E but the project went in another direction (got a 5 spd. instead). It’s been sitting in the shop taking up space ever since. It has an ABS sensor (not for ASR). $125 delivered to your door in the 48USA, Paypal or postal money order. Size, flanges, pinion yoke, and mounting are exactly the same as a 3.07 unit in an 88 300E. Let me know if interested.

Thanks for the offer, thats actually a really decent price. I kinda live close to a junkyard and there are a plethera of w124s. As for the gearing, I read some earlier post, thats where I got the gear ratios up above, you say the 300D has a 2.65 in it? Should I edit my post above or did the 300D come with a couple of different ratios? Also I wonder how much that 2.65 would bog the motor down to much and not be in its decent rev range, its a kinda a short track but that 3.07 is still going to be revving high and run out of gear. I am trying to get the car to stay around 4-5k instead of 6k.
I edited what I have, also should have edited my memory: Remove the 2.65, replace with 2.87 ratio
So if the 300D came with the 2.65, what model came with the 2.87? From reading one of the threads I searched through, it said a 300D 5speed has a 3.46 in it and the 4speed auto came with a 2.87 is this correct? I just wanna get the info right. I'll have to take a wire brush with me and instead of brushing every rear I see, it will be easier if I knew which model has what gearing in it. I looked at the diff in the 300E last night and painted the driveshaft white cause of the rules. The rear I didnt looked to much at, but is it held in by the two allens in the back also what has to be done to pull it out. I already know the general like cv's,flex bushing, I'll have to look at again my mind was on other things, like rusty fuel and brakes lines :( got me worried instead of looking at the rear. I'll prolly be working on it again tomorrow.
My mistake hanno, I should have realized that rear diff. doesn't have a pick up in it. I actually should have read what I was saying, since I was just looking at the tranny the other day, when I did the filter and drained the torque converter. I totally forgot that the cable runs only to the trannsmission. Rough two days with the stomach flu, I must not have been thinking clearly. LOL
Speedo reading comes off the transmission, will not be accurate if the differential ratio changes from stock.
Totally forgot that there was a cable. :thumbsup:
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