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Need list of differential gear ratios in W124's

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E220-3.67/3.07 these gear ratios sound correct right?
Well the one in our 300E is a 3.07, well since the 300D has a 2.87 are there any others that are available? We need to go 2.7* to 2.87 if there are any 2.7* ones that are available, which models are they in? Only reason we want to run these gear ratios is cause the last 260E we had was revving high and didnt go anywhere and then threw a rod the rod. That could have been something else, but high revving around the track isnt good. And when we did some burnouts with the 300E in the dirt it feels like its loosing gearing right away we need to run these gears out longer. any info would be great this car is for dirt racing enduros so thats why we wanna change it if possible. also I am not going to run into problems of the output flanges being different lengths cause I dont feel like change halfshafts. thanks
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Should only depend on tier size if transmission and diff match?
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