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Need Instructions to Remove Rear Hatch Plastic

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I need to remove the rear hatch plastic trim. Does anyone know where these instructions may be? I remember seeing them, I tried searching, but cannot find them. A real helpful member had sent me a WIS but I had a computer hard disk problem and lost all my data.
Thanks in advance
Mark [8)]
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First take this plastic push in type pin (1) in each side ,then take the third brake light cover.

Then remove this inside releasing handle, by using phillips screw driver

Then you can use one of these tools or if you don’t have this kind of tools a butter knife will do the job just ensure tape it with electrical tape to avoid scratching the paint

Now you can start on this corner or the other side pry it out all around there should have around 8 plastic screws on side and bottom and about 2 in the middle.

This is how its look like when the plastic trim removed , as you can see most of those plastic screws will break when prying them out, so before you start the job go to the dealer and buy some, and when you feel all the plastic screws are released push the trim upward.

Do it in reverse when installing Enjoy and hope this helps
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U R welcome shipmate[:D]
you are welcome [:)] so its time to change the tail gate handle to chrome [;)]
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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