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I have a 300 SEL (1972 I believe) that I need to get rid of, but I don't know a lot about it. It belongs to my dad and I have to sell it for him. He got it in trade from a lady and thought it'd be nice to have but never got around to using it due to a problem with the shocks. Presently the car is so low that I think all four shocks must be gone now. It was running before and had been drivin around some but I think the engine has problems.

Here's my question: Can anyone give me an idea what this thing is worth when trying to sell it? I'm not a Mercedes guy, but I thought the forums could be helpful so I was hoping to get some good feedback here regarding this car. The paint is pretty good with a hint of oxidation on the front drivers side, the interior is pretty good but the front seats have started to crack. There is a medium dent on on the front left quarter panel and some of the molding is starting to fall off in a couple places. It does still look good generally, but it is definitely starting to come into a state of needed preservation.

I have no pre-set ideas of what I think this will net us, but if anyone can give me an idea of what range I might want to expect it would be greatly appreciated.


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