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I called the dealer they said this maybe a unimog part however they could not tell me for sure because part number was out of the system part number 002 826 57 90 it is a round lens about 4 1/2 inches around with three mount screws color orange and clear I can send pictures if needed if someone knows what part this is that would be great thanks for your help.

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I think it's just a Mercedes truck part. Not Unimog. EPC brings up "Chassis With Cowl" under "TRUCK"

HOWEVER. If you go here: and take off the "002" at the front, you'll see that the part number is similar to that used on Unimogs, but with 000 in the part number, instead of 002. Same part then? I dunno. I don't think so (maybe different wiring plug or mount, or lense color...or something) because when I put "000" in the EPC with the part number, it comes up as an MBtrac 440 part. I'm taking stabs in the dark here. The hoofa king knows I guess.

Comes up as "Diffuser Lens" in that price list. With a listed price of €32,50

I also see, you've inquired about this before in the general section: So at least now, you have an idea of the retail worth ;)


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