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I have a problem with my 98 SLK 230. Last week I noticed a slight hesitation when I would accelerate along with what sounded like a faint rumble or backfire. I got the codes indicating a misfire in multiple cylinders as well as
P0170. I replaced both coil packs and the plug wires. I have read on here that P0170 could indicate a bad MAP. I cleaned the MAP it improved a little.
This weekend me and my wife were driving the car and got about a mile from our house and ALL and I do mean ALL the warning lights came on. Just like when the car is started. The LED areas where the mileage, ODO, and clock lit uo and the mileage displayed ------. The coolant temp is pegged, and the fuel level went to empty then back around to the 9 o'clock position. I was able to drive the car back home. Now the coolant light and the asr lights are on. the car will start and if you slowly press the throttle it will respond although roughly with some hesitation. If the throttle is pressed quickly the engine misses badly and backfires.
Any help would be appriciated.
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