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Need help with the english please :)

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The air vents inside the car (see picture) where the left one is the one with the light buttons, and the right one is just a clean vent, I would like these in black, since the onces I now have are carbon-look-alike (now foiled silver).

Anyone have the part number for these 2 pieces? As I have understood the black ones came originally with the facelifted version?

Also, what are the parts name in english, so that I can search for it on potomac for an example. Though best thing would be the part number so I can byu them from the dealer (probably not to expensive).


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As far as i know mb call them air vent nossle

Your part number will be

If you have xenons

1708301354 driver side / 1708301454 pass side

with out

1708301754 driver side / same as above pass side
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Yes the pass side is the same with or without, and the part numbers are for you LHD slk, but 01 as you asked
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