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Need help with EVO kit

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Hi everyone, I have an 88 190e which I want to get the EVO kit.<br> <br> I got couple questions.<br> <br> 1. How much is the Rieger EVO III kit?<br> 2. How much is the EVO II kit?<br> 3.Which one is better?<br> <br> I want to get the Rieger EVO III kit, but I didnt like the rear bumper. Will the rear bumper of EVO II work?<br> <br> Someone told me that the Rieger EVO III cost 3500 dollars, is this true? <br> <br> Where can I get the cheapest?<br> <br> So basicly I want to go with Rieger EVO III but without the rear bumper and rear wing. I like the rear bumper and rear wing of the EVO II better.<br> <br> Please help me and give some idea.<br> <br> Boston, USA<br>
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You might want to post your message on that Forum which is a more active one...
1. No clue about Rieger kit, but you can try their web site.<br> 2. Ace Speed: Total Price for EVO II= $1433.40 <br> 3. I like the Evo II kit better. <br> 4. The Evo II rear bumper should work with the Rieger kit.<br> 5. $3500 sounds way too expensive for a Rieger kit... (unless it is an original Evo II kit coming from MB in Germany)<br> 6. To find the cheapest deal: go to the other Forum...(look at post below)
Thanks MB_Racer but I tried Ace Speed a lot of time but they never e-mailed me back. I Heard that they went out of business.<br> Thanks for your help man.
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