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Need help with Bose Amp wiring.

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I have a 1995 S320 and one of the previous owners installed an aftermarket Pioneer deck, but in doing that they cut up the factory Bose amplifier wiring. I got a new Aftermarket Sony deck with 5 volt preoutputs. Now I am attempting to fix the wiring and make it how it came from the factory. I really need a wiring pinout for the Bose amplifier and just wiring diagrams of everything so I came here seeking some help.


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I think it's this config . Test it out .Added some extra PDF files ,you might find them useful .
All you need now is the Color combination for the wires , unless you know .:thumbsup:

Left/Right Audio Power Amplifier (N40/3)

1 Circuit 30, F4-16
2 Ground (W6)
3 Right rear speaker (H4/8) (-)
4 Left rear speaker (H4/7) (-)
5 Right rear door speaker (H4/4) (-)
6 Left rear door speaker (H4/3) (-)
7 Right front door speaker group (H4/2) (-)
8 Left front door speaker group (H411) (-)
9 Right NF signal (+) from A213
10 Circuit 30, F4-16
11 Ground (W6)
12 Right rear speaker (H4/8) (+)
13 Left rear speaker (H4/7) (+)
14 Right rear door speaker (H4/4) (-)
15 Left rear door speaker (H4/3) (+)
16 Right front door speaker group (H4/2) (+)
17 Left front door speaker group (H4/1) (+)
18 Left NF signal (-) from A2/3
19 Control voltage from A2/3
20 Fader switch (R26) (-)
21 Fader switch (R26) (+)
22 Fader switch (R26)
23 -
24 Right NF signal (-) from A2/3
25 Center fill tweeter speaker (H4/11) (-)
26 Center fill tweeter speaker (H4/11) (+)
27 Left NF signal (+) from A2/3
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Eliminate each twin color wire by testing it one by one , twin colored wires are Speakers ,you only need to figure out which wire is for which speaker then label it & onto the next .
Use an old radio or something that can make a sound you have to test by connecting the wire to the Speaker to hear a sound coming from inside the cabin speakers , good idea to have someone sitting inside .
Brown is Ground ,Blue is Amp trigger ,Red/White is Power (Double check on this one specifically, ad a fuse in-between before connecting this one) .:thumbsup:

Alternatively you can do this .
Within the Thread you find a link for later models , but it's basically the same setup .
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