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I think this was one of your recent posts, who are you fooling!

I am a young guy trying to find the top speed of my car. The car has 402 hp!
what is the top speed of the 600sel? I got mine up to allitle over 150 but ran out of space. at 150 it was at 5K rpm. at that rate I would think that it is Rev limited at allitle over 160mph. Is there a speed limitor on the car? Will I have a higher top speed if I get 20' rims w/ bigger tires? I will be making a website with films of me burning a 98 M3 on the highway from a standstill. I also I have over 20 min of crazy racing film that I made. Check this forum for the website in about 6-8 weeks. Also, how can I turn off the ASR? Is there a switch because I cant find it. will I have to pull the fuze? -can i pull the fuze. Any info on how to make my car perform better will help alot. thank you -Kristian
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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