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Need Help w/ MB issues

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Hi and yes I am new to the MB world.
I bought a 2002 C240 sedan from my brother and it has a few issues that I would like to try and fix myself if possible.
The biggest issue is the Air Bags
It was wrecked in the front end and my brother bought it that way so he could fix. He re-placed the steering airbag module which I think was the only one that went off and of course the front end stuff that was damaged. The computer is reporting SRS errors and the airbag light SRS is on. Also the airbag light is on saying the passengers airbag is off. Any info on this would be great.

The other issues are smaller ones but I would like to get them all fixed eventually. See list below

SOS (Telaid) -
Can anyone tell me how and the heck you turn that off? I am assuming that it has to be turned off in the computer.

Has poor reception and only picks up a few stations and tape is stuck in it and I cant get it out.
Can anyone tell me how to get the radio out and do I need to worry about codes if I buy a good used one from a 01 or 02 model, also will a CD changer be easy to add?

Remote/Smartkey -
The key works but the remote doesn't. I changed the batteries and I get the little red light indicating good battery but no signal.

Fog lights -
Well I have none. When they replaced the front end I have to nice empty holes. I guess that is why I get another fault on the computer every once in a while. I am planning on buying some. Are there any rules to this as far as what years fit. AMG vs non. I have also noticed there are no plugs anywhere that I can see in the front end. What color code wire or style plug should I be looking for?

Washer Fluid -
The washer pump is obviously not working because I hear and see nothing when pushed. Checked the bottle and looks like it has fluid in it although I tried to fill and water is just running out somewhere below fill??

I know this is lengthy and I do apologize for that but any info to save me time and money would be much appreciated.

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In my 2004 c230K I had the same problem with the key, I changed fuse #8 located in the trunk and the remote started working again.
Thanks so much for the info. I went and pulled #8 out and sure enough it was blown. I went down to Autozone and picked up a pack of 7.5 a fuses and it works like a champ. I was fixing to spend $200
on another key. Thank goodness I asked a simple question before I did that.
What do you think would cause that fuse to blow?

I wouldn't dare risk setting the airbags off goofing around with the system. I just wanted to get you’re thoughts before I take it to my friend that runs a big Euro shop. Thank you so much for the info.

As far as the passenger SRS seat sensor, do you think that it could be bad?
The passenger bag off light stays on even if someone is sitting in the seat.
My brother did have the seat reupholstered and told me he thought maybe the sensor in the seat didn't get hooked back up but I have checked that and it seems to be hooked up right.

I have removed the front wheel and splash guard cover. I see two plugs hanging between the guard and the wiper bottle. I think that one of them may be the outside temp sensor which would explain why it is not working (says 185 degrees) but i don't know if maybe the other one is the fog lights???

Ok I pretty sure that Fuse #8 in the trunk fixed not only the key remote and alarm but also the FM Radio reception. It is now picking up stations like it is supposed too. I was reading somewhere on the forum that the #8 fuse also is tied to the Antenna Amp??? seems to be true in my case.

You guys are life savers THANK YOU!!!!
W203 C240 Radio Removal

I learned how to get the center dash open to gain access to the Radio.
It was kind of painful but all in all not to bad. I am sure it would have been much easier if I would have known some of the secrets of where to look and where to start.

:(Damage report - Storage box below radio pretty messed up but since I was looking for a replacment radio (tape is stuck in it), I found a box as well.

If anyone needs this info just send me an email. :thumbsup:
Cable Harness - Fog Light and Wiper Washer Issues

Ok I have done some investigating and here is what I have found for front end electrical plugs.

I removed the driver side splash guard to look at the wiper bottle.

I am trying to figure out if after accident if the cables may have been hooked up wrong to the wiper reservoir and I am trying to find the fog light plugs also I get no sound from wiper pump.

There are a total of six plugs in the wiper bottle area (3 larger ones and 3 smaller ones). One of the larger black plugs was on the wiper bottle pump and one of the small black plugs was on the bottle as well maybe a sensor or level indicator. Also one of the smaller plugs has the ambient temp sensor (I think) on it which is not working either. I know that there may be extra plugs because my car doesnt have head light washers which would account for another pump but I just dont know for sure what goes to what.

Larger Plugs
White plug - Brown / Red-Grey wire
Black plug - Brown / Purple-yellow wire
Black plug - Brown / Red-yellow wire

Smaller Plugs
Black plug - Brown / Blue-Black
Black plug - Brown-Blue / Yellow-Green
Black plug - Brown / Brown-Grey

I hooked up a meter to the plugs and tried to see if when I pushed the wiper washer button if I could see any voltage going on. I had no luck but may have been doing it wrong. Any advice would be nice.
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The SRS is really not something that most DIYers would mess with, because messing with it could set off the bags (and I think they can work even with the battery disconnected). I am not sure but the SRS system probably has error code system completely separate from the regular OBD-II. I suspect only a dealer could read those error codes and tell you why the light is on (it may be that impact sensors need to be replaced, or something else).

I think the passenger airbag should be off if there is no one in the passenger seat (it has a weight sensor - even 12 pack of beer in the seat will turn mine on). Try putting something on the seat and see if it shows the passenger airbag is on. It is designed not to go off if there is no one in the seat to minimize repair costs (it blows out through the dash and can break the windshield, etc.).
Can someone tell me where the airbag computer module is located?
Since I need to have the soft and hard codes cleared from the module, has anybody used they claim that they can reset the module for $50 bucks sounds to good to be true.
You should get the Haynes manual on It has wiring diagrams that would make your task much easier.
Thanks for the info. I have a Haynes book on all my other vehicles, not sure why I didn't think of that.

I picked one up at Autozone last night and had the washer pump working within 10 min of studying the wire maps.
The only thing that I am not finding in the wire maps in the Haynes book is what color code the wire is for the Ambient Temp Sensor.
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