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Need help to identify my 350SL

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I have a 350SL 4 speed manual.

On the mercedes maintenence booklet is shows the following numbers.

Chasis 107 043 - 20 - 006164

And for the engine its:

116 922 - 20 - 000081

What I cant work out is the 922 number on the engine.

Any help welcome.
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Hi, how you doing

Another 4 speed manual, nice.
Are you sure it's 116 922 and not 116 982.

Good luck
I think the log book might be a missprint. The chasis number checks out and I understand what that means but its just the engine code in the book. Its printed in the orignal logbook as 922. I think as you do that its probably a 982 engine. Car is Australian new 1972. The registered number on the vehicle registration papers also says 922.

Is the engine number stamped on the engine and if so were would it be?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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