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Need help replacing window switch

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My left front window is not operating. I suspect it's the switch that needs replacing, but how do I remove the center wood panel (without damaging it) to get to the switch?:confused:
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As someone else said, you pull up the carpeting in the console storage area and then remove the phillips screw all the way at the front of that area. Set the parking brake, put the shifter in Neutral, and pull up at the back of the wood piece. The switch terminals do hold the trim piece in place pretty firmly. Window switches, mirror switch, speaker fader. The trim piece will kind of pivot at the front. Chances are that the wood finish will crack during or soon after removing the trim. The wood just flexes too much and the wood finish is old and sun-baked. Can't be helped AFAIK. Oh, you can swap your front and rear switches for an easy repair.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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