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Need help, is this a good price for a 2000 E55?

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2000 E55 w/49k, mint condition

My favorite color combo: Silver/Two-tone interior


What should i offer and it seems a bit steep, dealer though!?!

I can also purchase a warranty and what are your guys thought on this? I'll prob try to work this into the negotiation.

I love this car, what happened to Mercedes quality after this!!:(
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That is

thousands high.Way thousands high.You can find private owner E55's in the 13's and dealer cars in the high 14 and low 15 with those miles.
Shop around and don't fall in love till you have kissed a few.
02's aren't even selling for 20k.
As always whatever one you pick,have it professionally inspected.Everything.A/c included.
At 20k and looking at the dealer,I assume you are not paying cash.So if you do purchase that car you will be so far upside down on the deal you will never get out of it.
2002 E55 AMG 57k miles Mercedes Silver - $16950
2001 100k miles designo edition $9000
and both will take offers.
Pay cash,inspect first,shop around.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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