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NEED HELP! How does the helper springs go into the main rear springs?

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Yes I know this sounds like a dumb question, but for the life of me I can't get the helper springs to thread down through the rear springs for a 406. Is there some trick I am missing? Stop laughing, I can't figure this out. Do I need to warm one of the springs to expand it. Do I have to wait for the next for full moon and make a scarifice to Vulcan, God of metals? The helper spring came out of the rear spring easy enough, but putting them back together is driving me nuts. Mine thread down to the point where the "eyelet" on the top of the helper spring and then it won't go through the "eyelet" on the main spring.
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If I remember right you have to start with the eyelet and put them in that way.
insert and twist. Its pretty hard. I would guess they expand the main spring at the factory. I just started to torch mine out on the 404 cause it wasent worth the time to coil them out, but since your trying to go the other way your kinda stuck.
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