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need help for +bass and 1 cd changer

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I posted this question in the audio forum but did not get any response...could you guys send me some info, please.

The bose stereo system in my clk is a bit weak in the bass area. I want to keep the head unit so I am thinking of getting some additional bass speakers to put in the trunk area. Also need an amp to push the juice.
Any suggestions? I am not looking to push 1000 watts and want to preserve some trunk space. Also, what kind of $ should I look to spend?

Also, is there a single cd unit I can add to the glove box compartment. I have the 6 cd changer in the trunk but it's a real pain to go back there to install it when you want to listen to a cd you have up front.
If adding is not possible, then I would do away with the trunk changer and only have a ONE cd unit in the glove compartment.
That would be a little inconvenient, but I would prefer that over what I have now anyday.

Thanks up front for any suggestions.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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