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Need help--Borrow/rent lower control arm bushing removal/install tool

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I need the lower control arm bushing removal/replacement tool for a '99 E430 Sport to borrow for @ 1 week. Anyone able to help??


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I just had to replace nearly my entire suspension, and all the rental tools I tried failed.
Never tried a dealer or a specialty part..too expensive.
I made my own and it worked like a charm, I'll see if I can get a picture for ya.
Cost like 9 bucks at home depot.
Twas essentially a length of all thread, a short piece of pipe big enough for the bushing to fit in,
several washers (bigger than the pipe diameter) and other smaller ones, and several nuts.

put all thread through bushing, pipe on either side of the bushing, with several washers on the outside (farthest from the bushing), and two nuts. on the other side of the thread, I put a series of smaller washers on (flush with the bushing, opposite side of the pipe, about 2.5" worth. maybe a socket would work as well), with a nut on that end as well.
Hold the nut on the pipe side with a wrench, and use an impact or a wratchet on the other while tightening.
Nut tightens, pushing bushing out and into the pipe. boom.
Then to install, do the same thing.

dashes being the all thread, 0 being a nut, | being large washer, underscore being the pipe, equal sign being the bushing, l being smaller washer
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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