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ML320E - 260E - 190D
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I am interested on Differential ratio - 260E Auto and 190D 2.2D Auto
I want install 2.2D Engine.Automatic on 260E Body.
My 260E eng.bad - body perfect - looks like new.
At this time I cant drive my 260E - what is the Eng.Rev on 60Mph -80Mph -100Mph ???
I believe the differential on 206E is ok with 2.2D Eng.
Same time I am looking for used parts from 2.5D Turbo.
I need header,turbo,air filter box and intake manifold.
This all can be much to 2.2D Eng.Just needs some cuts and welds.
If some one have experience,knowledge where I can get those parts.
Original wheels offset on 260E and max I can use.
Best Regards.
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