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I own a C55 and its been having some problems lately. I was about to take it to get it diagnosed but i found out the dealership wants to charge me close to 200 bucks. So, i was hoping i could find someone in the forum that might have a copy of the software the dealership uses (or something close to it ie. Xentry). If you know anywhere where i can download it please tell me (ie torrents, file sharing, etc)

I also found this diagnosis tool.

Mercedes Benz C, CL, CLK Class Code Reader OBD-2 Diagnostics

Do you think the tool is legit? Do you think it'll work?

Car issues:
Car sometimes has a brief stumble
sometimes throttle surges and drops back, and sometimes dies.
I've tried checking the oil levels (i just got an oil change about a month ago at the dealership)... but it will not finish the process. All i hear is a loud mechanical/electrical humming sound while its checking the oil.
Check engine light came on for a brief moment but turned off by itself.

Please help me. I need to get my car running good again. ALSO, i tried taking it to autozone to get it OBD2 tested... but they stopped doing free OB2 testings about 3 years ago. (apparently autozone got sued.. yikes!)

I did tons of research online about OBD2 testing. But some people say that it's not that useful on MB because they are more "complicated". So a DAS Star Diagnosis is necessary.

Well, guys i PRAY someone can help me.

Thanks in advance,

J. S. Romero
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