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Need an experienced eye

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Hi guys,
My rear driver door lock works with the door panel off, but with it installed
it freezes up.
Can someone spot the problem? Something must be assembled wrong.


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Everything looks good on your pics ,there is nothing I can fault ,I'm guessing that your problem could be at the inside of the door handles latch itself , there is a little tiny hook right behind the door handles mechanism , if that is just a little out of alignment , the handle can't be pulled from outside .
Get a torch and look inside the door ,you see it there ,follow the rod were it is attached .
Another possibility could be that when you reinsert the door trim ,you blocking one of the rods making it to hard for it to move at all ,make sure the rods are freely moving before you lock everything together .
Finally check on the side of the door that you didn't activate the child hook lever ,I doubt it but better mention it .:thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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