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Need Advise on Replacing Spark Plugs and Fuel Filter

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I had the schedule B service done 3-4 months ago and I was advised on replacing the spark/fuel filter since the car > 4 years old but mileage wise it only has 48000 miles and it is recommended to get it at 60,000 and I had deferred it to the next service.
My car is at the dealer again for the window regulator and I was again advised to have these replaced - the cost of replacing spark plugs + fuel filter + air filter is $700 - is it easy to do this myself - will it impact the star mark warranty ( that I have until 2006) - should I take it independent mechanic - or should I wait for the car to reach 60,000 miles for the spark plugs and fuel filter replacement.
Please advise. BTW how many spark plugs are there - 6 or 12
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You can do all that your self. Spark plugs are easy to do. Don't buy them from the dealer. My dealer wanted $16/plug. Multiply that by 12 for the V6 engine...well. I got mine online for ~$5 ea. I have seen post about people having trouble with Bosch Platinum +2 and +4. Might want to stay clear of these. Air filter is very simple. Fuel filter is a bit more complicated but is still a DIY job. There are previous post on how to do everything you are asking. Just use the search. You could also get an alldatadiy subscription, about $25/year. well worth it.

All Dealers want you to think that taking your car somewhere else, or doing your own maintaince will void the warranty, but if you use OEM recomended parts and use them properly no warranty will be voided.
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