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Need Advise on Replacing Spark Plugs and Fuel Filter

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I had the schedule B service done 3-4 months ago and I was advised on replacing the spark/fuel filter since the car > 4 years old but mileage wise it only has 48000 miles and it is recommended to get it at 60,000 and I had deferred it to the next service.
My car is at the dealer again for the window regulator and I was again advised to have these replaced - the cost of replacing spark plugs + fuel filter + air filter is $700 - is it easy to do this myself - will it impact the star mark warranty ( that I have until 2006) - should I take it independent mechanic - or should I wait for the car to reach 60,000 miles for the spark plugs and fuel filter replacement.
Please advise. BTW how many spark plugs are there - 6 or 12
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I have an 01 and used the Bosch +4's. The car runs great, very smooth. I had PepBoys replace them. It cost me $180.00. I tried to do it myself but found it very difficult to get the wires off of the plugs and it is a very tight fit in the engine compartment. I also replaced my own fuel filter. It is located under the rear door on the drivers side. Just remove the cover and it is right there. Very easy... Good luck
I don't have instructions. Just look underneath the car under the driverside rear door. You will see a cover that unbolts from the car. The rest is easy.
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