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Hello, everyone. I just turned 48, and I promised myself I would buy myself a classy vintage sedan or coupe for my 50th birthday. The search has begun for a W111 fintail model. I'm open on 2 door or 4 door. Prefer 6 cylinder, fuel injection, and the 'over and under' US spec headlights. I'd also like the red interior. I'll be looking for a really good one, hopefully with a known ownership history and service records. Don't need a mint or show car, as my desire is to drive 20 highway miles (each way) to work in the summer months in it.

So, does anyone know of any books written about the W111 models? Service manuals? Clubs for fintails, etc? I'd appreciate your thoughts, advice, suggestions. Thanks.:bowdown:

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50th Anniversay of the W111

The W111 celebrated its' 50th Anniversary in 2009. The first one rolled off the line in 1959.
You don't specify any Diesels, but they also made several 190D and 200D models in those 50 years. They were W110, still had fins on the back.
Here is a sample of some that were made:

1959-1965, 190D, 4-cyl Diesel
1959-1965 220 6-cyl gas model, base model
1958-1965 220S 6-cyl gas model, extra hp and interior goodies
1959-1965 220SE 6-cyl fuel injected
1961-1967 300SE 6-cyl fuel injected Flagship model
1965-1968 200 6-cyl gas
1965-1968 200D 4-cyl diesel
1965-1968 230 6-cyl gas
1965-1968 230S 6-cyl gas

Mileage is terrible, but fun to drive. Rust takes over long before the engine quits. I have owned 3 over the years. Also a 1964 220Sb Coupe.

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My suggestion would be to (a) learn as much as you can by reading and going to look at a bunch of MBs, (b) troll the MBCA sites, forums, etc. for a car from an individual, and (c) get to know the difference b/w "a good one" and "an amazing one".

I think you'll find lots of good ones, but you really should be looking for something special - a two-owner car (possibly three), all original, well-treated its whole life, documentation showing its past, etc. I've found that you tend to fall in love with the "special" cars more than you do on just some "cool fintail".
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