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Need advice on rims

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I want to get 18 inch rims(Carlsson 1/5) for my new C230 Coupe. However, do I have to lower my car and get shocks and stuff? Or can I get away with just getting the new rims and wheels? I just have the 16s right now didnt get the sports package. If I have to lower the car, can you give details on what exactly I need to get done? Thanks!
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You can get away with 18s, however most would find that it looks better lowered.

If you wanted to lower it, you should go with H&R springs and either Koni Adjustable shocks or Kleemann shocks.
shen-q, a fellow SLK poster (Linh) at the R170 forum is selling a set of ......

Carlsson 1/5 with tires. Check it out.
Here is the link to Linh's post at the R170 forum.

Drop him an email,
has anyone put 18's on without lowering?

Has anyone put 18s on without lowering the car? if so how does it look? thanks.
Re: has anyone put 18's on without lowering?

Here's my c-coupe w/18' rims...<br>
Re: has anyone put 18's on without lowering?

Here's my c-coupe w/18' rims (not lowered)...<br> <br>`s_c-coupe&parentname=W203_C_Class

hey len,<br> how do you like your car so far with your rims not being lowered? Does it bother you at all? I'm thinking about getting 18's and also not lowering it cause it's like an extra $500+ for the springs and installation. I have same car as you but just silver and with the standard 5 spoke 16' wheels. Thanks!
i got the monoblock VI in 18's and lowered with fender modification i have 255's in the back... i don't suggest going that large... Floats in heavy rain.... I will go down to 245 when i need new tires. Not enough weight in the rear fro such a large fitment

The ride's a little more firm than stock but still very nice. As far as look goes, it probably could use a lowering by changing the spring pads only. I'm still considering that as an option.

that sounds like a good idea. can you give me more details about changing spring pads? How much do they generally run? Who sells spring pads? What brand/kind should i get? thanks.
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