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Need Advice: Collision Repair Options

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I got sideswiped by a young driver a couple weeks ago. He hit the driver's side rear door and slid up to the front door. I scheduled a visit with the insurance estimator this past Friday. He said he will have the front door replaced, the back door repaired, and the rocker trim repaired. He wrote a check for about $2500 and told me I could have the repairs done at a shop of my choice.

I am undecided on whether to have a MB Dealership do the work or to take it to a shop I used near home who did great work on the roof of my Corvette.

The dealership draw is that (in my mind) they are certified MB mechanics and will do the best work with quality parts. My fear is that the dealership I went to before seemed to be more focused on how fast they could get the product out the door instead of the quality of the work.

As well, I want to get the rear bumper and hood repainted while they have it. The paint on the top surface of the bumper is fading, and the hood paint is in need of attention. I don't want to get raped, but I do want to get these issues addressed.

I feel like the shop near my house may give me the better price overall, but I don't want parts that are not OEM used in the repairs.

What would you guys do/ recommend?
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$2500 seems to low to replace one door fix other and paint. Paint will have to br blend in so most likely they will have to paint about 50 % of car. If your insurance is paying then you need to call dealer and find out which shop is certified to work on mb and go there and get your estimate. Don't fall for insurance bs and low ball offers

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