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Need a Pirelli P6000

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I just landed a deal on some AMG Monoblock II wheels for my '99 CL500. $500 for 3 18x8.5 rims in near mint condition plus 3 new Pirelli P6000 tires. And the guy is throwing in one brand new Michelin Pilot Sport. A little awkward, getting only 3 wheels but the price is right. I have to buy one more AMG wheel which is not a problem.

What I'd like to find is one more Pirelli P6000 in 235/50R18. This is proving to be a challenge because this is the older style P6000 which isn't being manufactured anymore. I called Pirelli and they gave me some dealer numbers around here, but so far I am coming up empty.

So, I thought maybe someone here might (1) have one or (2) point me in the right direction. I'd obviously prefer new, but would consider a near new one.

Any ideas?

If you want to email me direct, [email protected]

Gene Batchelar
Wheaton, IL