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Find yours here! ....

The transmission comes as a complete (transmission + gasket kit), or as individual parts.

The complete transmission costs 2'500 Euros with a 1'000 Euro rebate when returning your old transmission. It is recommended to also replace the converter at the same time (995 Euros).

Labor is anywhere between 1'000 , and 1500 Euros.

.... so , I've made up this MB Dealer repair budget.

Transmission 2'500 (depends oln your model, can be up to 3'500 Euros)
total............4'000 Euros

I have assembled the parts list (EPC) for the complete transmission, and converter for all models.


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pleubner - 4/19/2006 1:10 PM

Yep! ... got over 200'000KM on it!.
Aha. Then the rebuilder will want to replace some bushings. Some kits have sprung up from shops supplying transmission rebuilders....

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pleubner - 4/19/2006 3:10 PM

Yep! ... got over 200'000KM on it!.
There goes my theory that a fluid change would prevent these failures. At somebody posted list of all the updated parts in the transmissions which indicates to me that the initial design was weak.
I am going to see if I can find that list of parts.

The labor is 9 hours according to the book, but a good tech can do it in 6 hours, maybe you can get them to just charge the actual labor and not the flat rate.

I got a huge break on our price, but you read the saga and the truck was off the road for a combined total of 20 days. I am hoping for a much smoother situation for you. I know how nauseating this is for you. I wish I still worked at a dealer so I could help on this.

Have you contacted MB? Also maybe your service manager can make a plea for you. You might get lucky.
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