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Ok fellas just bought a 1992 300te wagon black on black with 280.000 on the clock. car runs good and stuff but the blower motor does not turn on... i can get the ac to turn on with the climate control so i know that works. the problem is the place for the coffin fuse ( blower motor fuse) had a fire it looks like and i dont have a wire diagram. can some one please email me with one ? to [email protected] ? also i have a check engine light on for code 7 ... any help with that would be great...

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Thank you. I see that the blower fuse gets its power from the igntion switch correct? I do not have power on the hot when the key is on, i need a igntion switch? Interesting... I will try the ignition wiggle tomorrow and see if i get power...

Thanks so much...
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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