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Need 1957 220S coupe info

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I'm a 124 guy and stopped by my old MBZ indy employer today. He was pleased to show me his latest prize, a 1957 220S coupe. The car is a kind of milky medium green color with a red leather interior. It has been stored in a garage (undriven) since 1987. As you can imagine the car will need a lot of work to get operational.

I did a little web surfing and was unable to determine exactly what chassis this car is and how many were produced. I did read things like "unlike the 220 sedan, coupes and convertibles were made almost entirely by hand" and 2178 built for MY 1956-1959" but I couldn't tell if that production number was for convertibles only or what.

Can someone give me a brief intro to this car or point me to a source for info?
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Lots of info here -

We also have an owners' group with over 500 members.

'59 220S cabriolet
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