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Navigation - Instrument Cluster Question

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Hi -

Just picked up my SLK this past Sunday. Had the COMMAND head unit (Premium Package 2), then dealer installed Navigation today. However, I noticed that my instrument cluster doesn't have route guidance as indicated in the SLK manual. Is there a difference between dealer-installed navigation vs. factory-installed (Premium 3)? If so, then my dealer hasn't been honest with me when we specifically agreed that I'm getting "Premium 3."

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Wow. Thanks guys; didn't expect to get any response. Now I know it's actually possible; I'll ask my dealer about it. THANKS!!
My problem is that I don't even have the Nav menu in the MFD. When scrolling through, even with Navigation on, there's no Nav menu. I do think it's a coding issue (according to a few other posts I've found since posting my original); will find out this week when I take it back to the dealer. Thanks all! :)
Done. I have navigation in the instrument cluster now. Also got an SL-style antenna for free. I asked the service advisor to order me one, he came back with with a quote of $110 painted. I asked him "how much would it cost unpainted [to match the SLK's rubbery base]?" He said, "oh, I'll take care of it if you don't need it painted." So.. picking it up this Friday. Hopefully unpainted = rubbery black. :D
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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