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Navigation - Instrument Cluster Question

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Hi -

Just picked up my SLK this past Sunday. Had the COMMAND head unit (Premium Package 2), then dealer installed Navigation today. However, I noticed that my instrument cluster doesn't have route guidance as indicated in the SLK manual. Is there a difference between dealer-installed navigation vs. factory-installed (Premium 3)? If so, then my dealer hasn't been honest with me when we specifically agreed that I'm getting "Premium 3."

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Big frustration. It will show you street indications on the MFD only in NAV mode. Contrary to what the manual makes you believe, you do not get any street indication on the MFD when you're not in NAV mode, you only get the orientation. I have struggled with my dealer, with MB France, no hope. :mad: :mad: :mad: Cannot be changed.
clu1234 said:
Now I know it's actually possible; I'll ask my dealer about it. THANKS!!

Kindly read my post above. It is NOT (watch my lips: NOT) possible.
OK, that IS possible.
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