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Navigation for Coupy

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need some info here.....<br> <br> i have a c coupe..and would like to install navi..wat brands are good??...if i do install them..what about my radio and steering controls?? i also have the cd changer installed...<br> <br> Thanks!<br>
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Hi Xeon,<br> <br> Alpine makes a very good nav unit, and I have heard good things about Pioneer. HarmonKardon is going to start selling a unit next month which is produced by the Becker subsidiary. I think there is a post about it in the audio forum at mbworld. It is already selling in Europe. Garmin makes a very good dash top unit. This unit can be swapped between cars.<br> <br> I think you will lose steering wheel button functions with all the indash units, but you might get lucky with the HK/Becker unit.
APS 30 mb

Plug in and you're practically ready to go. Controls will work and instrumentcluster as well.<br> Glenn
Re: APS 30 mb

where can i get that?<br> cost?<br> do u have any pictures?
Re: APS 30 mb

Audio 30 APS isn't available in the US. I have read that it is being tested here, but that article was 18 months old. It appears to me that maybe MBUSA doesn't want a cheaper alternative to COMAND.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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