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2006 E320 CDI
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I have 2 W211 E320 CDI's. Both have the Nav feature. One is a 2006 that I've owned since 2007. The other is a 2005 that I just picked up and is undergoing some interior work before we put it back on the road.

While working on it, I've noticed two odd behaviors on the 2005.
  • Whenever you open a car door, the Nav DVD player in the trunk powers up and runs. After 5 minutes or so, it shuts back off. If you have the door open for a while working on the car and then you shut the door, the Nav DVD players spins up again.
  • It appears that the battery is slowly draining down over a day or so. I had the battery tested just to make sure it is up to snuff. The battery tests good.
I suspect these two behaviors are related. It's as if some systems of the car are constant powered up that should not be. Ideas?
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