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1986 Euro 560SEC ECE Code 822
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Hey guys!

It's been a long time (a few years!) since I posted here and after the long crippling pandemic it's great to see a few good folks are still here. So I've come back around to appreciating the fun & sometimes frustrating journey I had working on my SEC after being caught up with some other fun classic car purchases that took me away from my SEC craze.

Recently, I remove the half-assed AMG tribute I did (keeping the two-tone, pic attached) and sold some of the AMG bits I collected over the years, like the AMG AERO 1s. I decided to go back to Bruno Saccos original design for spell. Now, I'm planning to add a set of LORINSER LOs I got off ebay last year for a steal and I've already added a set of European bumpers front & rear.

Now I have to consider a color because the bumpers are need of fresh matching paint. It appears that early Gen 1 Nautical Blue cars like mine were painted with: 7175 Grey, 7176 Grey Metallic, & 7007 Matt Grey Metallic. But I've been considering going with a Gen 2 Nautical Blue color scheme of: 7177 Stratusgrau Metallic, 5301 Andorblau, 5944 Fregattblau Metallic, & DB-5944 Blue Metallic. (Noticed a subtle difference on the two 5944 with DB-5944 being a little lighter blue.) I also, have a set of the smoother Gen 2 cladding & lower sill which I'm considering mounting.

Anyone have insights or suggestions about the lower cladding Gen 1 or 2 and about the colors to the match Nautical Blue?

I love the two-tone and I still like the front spoiler look, so I'm considering a AMG (gen 2) or Lorinser front spoiler! 😆

What's your preference: Bruno Sacco's original clean design OR Lorinser or AMG looks?

Thanks in advance!

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If you’re having the whole car painted with all bits removed for a very good paint job the body shop will find the paint code which, is located on a plate by the radiator support. If you want to match the existing original paint then a good body shop will be able to match exactly the now slightly different colour due to age of your SEC.
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