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Nationwide search on the preowned

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There was a discussion in this forum about the removal of the nationwide search option from the mbusa preowned website.
Has anyone figured out how to do a nationwide search on the mercedes benz preowned website (other than multiple zip codes)?
The Analyst
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That was my discussion .... I have e-mailed MBUSA twice, and called (800) FOR-MERCEDES once. They have only responded by generic computer reply that they have received my inquiry and will get back to me ... It has been over a month now [V]

I did a Zip Code search and found if you enter 41240 (Tennessee I think) and 82633 (Wyoming I think) and then choose the "1000 Miles" from Zip Code option, you will get the entire U.S.. There is some over lap in areas, but you will at least see all G's that they have on their site. It is a pain in the ass, but better than dealing with a MB Salesman [;)] ... just promise not to buy the one I want [:D]

If anyone else knows a better option, please post it!!!
MB might get it together one day

That would be funny…
We go for the same car and end up paying more...I wouldn’t worry about it.
I have to sell my 2002 c240 first and then I will go for it (unless a super deal presents itself, and I don’t see any super deals at the dealers…).
Thanks for the tip,
MB might get it together one day
The Analyst
RE: MB might get it together one day


It depends what you are looking for, because there are 2 "super deals" right now ....

The 2004 G500 from IA was just on eBay and didn't make it's "Reserve" and was pulled at $55,100. I guarantee they would take a reasonable offer [;)]

Also, the 2004 G55 from FL is a steal at $72,900 [:p]

Both are Certified (extra year warranty) and both still have free maintenance [8D] ... they just aren't what I want, but they both are a "super deals"!!!
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The MB dealers are just a joke…

These dealers are just a joke…
Carouselautogroup has the IA car on their non official MB website for $65940

but on their mbusa web site is $68988

I’m sure they will take less than $66K but that is too rich for my blood. Sorry but these cars don’t worth $60K+.

A trade in for a nice 2003 with low miles is upper 40K and the mb dealer still wants a 10K minimum mark up. Do they think that we are STUPID??? This is not a jewelry business!!! They can ask anything they want for the cars but the market will determine their value…

Sorry for venting

The analyst
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RE: The MB dealers are just a joke…


I have to agree on them being a joke. I have been watching these sites for months looking for the right year/colour/model. I found exactly what I wanted a couple months back, and e-mailed the dealer over the MBUSA website .... they never e-mailed me back and it was removed soon after. I have learned to call when I see what I want on a site!!!

I have come to the conclusion that MBUSA has a minimum price that they will let dealers post on MBUSA's website for a particular model/year. I have numerous times found the exact car on the dealers own site for $1,000's cheaper than they posted it on the MBUSA site. Once again, I will call if I find one I like.

They are like jewelry salesman. They say this is the price, take it or leave it .... but when you start to leave, the price comes down.
RE: The MB dealers are just a joke…

While I am bitching about the MBUSA's website .... they once again removed the number of cars in your search. Now you have to count the number of pages, multiply by 25, and add the one's on the final page. They are really just making it harder and more annoying to use the site [:(!] They take away the free maintenance, increase the cost of the extended warranty and make the certified website a pain in the ass. I guess MBUSA only cares about new car sales [V]

BTW, 80% of the cars on their website have been on there for months. The one's that are price right, for their mileage and year, move in about a week.
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