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Name the relay

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I have a bunch of relays under the dash that are in various places but not necessarily where one would expect to find them. Can we play name the relay?

001 545 43 05

000 821 08 63

000 822 02 03

000 821 30 47

107 820 00 10

Any help would be appreciated as I want to close everything up this weekend but would like to identify everything for future reference.
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I saw on another forum that you got most of these answered. The MBUSA website has a link to classic parts. There, you can type in the MB part # and usually determine the name of suspect parts, etc.
Guys, its no secret. I am was referencing another MB Newsgroup, Between it and this one (this one being the one I prefer, and think is better for a variety of reasons) are excellent references to supplement a comprehensive manual!

knobby was being courteous and not listing it here, but sending via pm, which was a gentlemenly thing to do. As a host, I don't mind taking the heat if listing it here is a breach of etiquette.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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