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Mysterious Humming Noise

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Hey guys, i'm new to all this. I have an '04 E320 and it currently has a weird humming noise coming out of the front area.
I dont want to take it to a repair shop without knowing what the problem is since they will charge like crazy.
I am guessing that it is the bearings although it can be something else.
Does anyone have the same problem or a clue to what it could be?
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"Weird humming noises" come in a lot of flavors. Electrical? Mechanical? Metal on metal? Metal on rubber? Intermittent? Continuous? Fan in air? Rises and falls with engine rpm? Only when moving? "Out of the front area" can be anything ahead of the windscreen. Fan area? Front corners? Transmission? Top of the engine? Bottom of the engine? WSW pump? You're right, it is the bearings or something else.

Unless you give the forum some particular information, nobody here has any more idea than you do. It could be wind noise through the hood ornament for all anybody can tell.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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