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Hey Folks!

Been lurking for a while here and decided to jump on the boat with a relatively uncommon story.

The '97 E200 has been in my family ever since I was a child and I've always had a weak spot for it. It was also the first car I ever drove and to this day I still drive it daily.

Around a year ago a motorcycle smashed my right headlamp and bent the right fender outwards. At this point I had seen how old it has become and if I were to continue driving it I would have to restore it back to factory condition as much as I could or just part it out. I wouldn't be typing this if I hadn't restored it wouldn't I?:)

Most parts were sourced directly from the dealership, others from Pelican Parts & FCPEuro when the price gap was significant. NLA items were sourced from eBay with a NOS status (Door rail, central console wood, speakers and a few other cosmetic things).

I don't like mods and I wanted to get the car back to factory condition.


  • Car given a full factory repaint in its original color (code 189)
  • 4 New OEM 15" Alloy Wheels (came with them from the factory) with new hubcaps, air fill locks and lug bolts.
  • Two brand new front fenders that include the side turn lamps
  • Rear parcel shelf was rusted through (leaky rear window), new part was acquired, replacement was welded in, painted and sealed. Window seals were all replaced.
  • The boot received new carpet everywhere, new plastic edges, new rubber seals and new locks all around.
  • Front headlamps received new OEM lenses and new bulbs for high/low beams and the turn signals.Two new fog lamps were also installed.
  • Rear Taillights (Main and Secondary) replaced on both sides.
  • Third brake lamp was also replaced along with its electrical base.
  • Driver and passenger mirrors replaced including mirror housings painted from the factory.
  • Roof rails and molding above and below the windshield were replaced.
  • Ceiling was redone and so was the padding.
  • Rear parcel shelf's cover had turned to purple, it was refitted with new black texture and the original foam layer along with two new speaker covers.
  • Scratched/dull wood was sent for resurfacing (center console was the only thing that needed it), new dash wood strip was installed.
  • All AC vents were replaced and their light vent replaced.
  • New wooden steering wheel to replace the old highly scratched wood one.
  • Added the wood covering for the shift gate.
  • New tinted Windshield installed along with new interior auto-dimming mirror.
  • Hinges on front doors replaced and painted along with new door checks.
Attaching some photos, will be moving on to the Functionality & Mechanical aspects in later posts.


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All parts were Genuine Mercedes.

Mechanical Updates:
  • 2x New Lower Control Arms (LCA) + All screws, bolts & nuts (noticed a small fracture on the right LCA, stopped driving the car and parts were ordered.
  • 2x New Ball Joints
  • 2x New Upper Control Arms
  • 4x New Shock Absorbers
  • New Springs on the Front & Back
  • New Metal Undershield for Engine Oil Pan + New Plastic Undershield at the front
  • New Alternator
  • New AC Compressor
  • New AC Dryer + Line To Condenser
  • New Water Pump Pulley
  • New Belt Tensioner Pulley + Shock Absorber
  • New V-Belt
  • New Water Pump Pulley
  • New Plastic Molding under hood for AC intake.
  • Front Right Spring Perch Replacement (Left was deemed in perfect condition)
  • Transmission Service
  • Rear Differential Service
  • Front Right Door Trim was replaced with new door card, wood, pocket, leather & handle.
  • Driver side A-pillar cover replaced along with plastic speaker grill
  • Retrofitted leather armrest from facelifted models + completely new center console.
  • New tumbler for key & glove box
  • All door handles replaced
  • New tumbler on driver's door
I've surely forgotten a few more things, ask away! Would love to continue sharing!
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