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We have been driving several rental cars for the last 8 months and my sweet wife and I were comparing them to our SL500 and SLK320.

1. The Buick LeSabre drives very badly when the streets are wet. There is no traction control or driver assisted programs in this car. On startup the car would move right when the streets are wet. The steering is very bad. It is like driving a big boat and hoping it goes in that direction. Wife cannot wait to get the SLK 320 back next week. She also reminds me that it is not a Mercedes when I drive the Buick. This car had a lot of wind buffering at 40 mphs and would drive you crazy at higher speeds

2. The Honda Accord LX bounces up and down when you take a corner hard or move suddenly to the next lane. It even spins its front wheel on startup and drives badly in the rain. Just do not stop very suddenly in the rain, because it will take a while for you to stop. The brakes suck.

3. Chevy Monte Carlo drove the best of all the rental cars. I even took it out on a raining day to our autocross event. I had the 3rd fastest time around the cones. The front wheels will spin when the roads are wet on startup. The interior had big ass gaps between the trim pieces.

My wife and concluded that our Mercedes have a balance of performance and comfort that meet our driving styles. We had a BMW 3 series for a week and that car will kill us on a long trip. The 3 series was just to stiff for us.

In performance, we like the way our Mercedes handles around corners and in the rain. The BMW did an excellent job on performance to, but it seems stiff around corners. If comfort were not an issue, I would pick the BMW. We are very impressed with the steering, BAS/ESP and the ABS on our Mercedes. On both Mercedes, wife could not spin the wheels on startup on a raining day, and she could not lock up the brakes when she stops suddenly. What was really impressive to my wife was the fact that our R230 SL500 that weighs likes a hippo in the car world stops better and shorter than all the cars we drove.
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