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My W124 - From Turkey

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W124 | Turkish delight :)

1994 w124 e200 - 185.000 Km

+ hr 5cm sport arch + 17' AMG - 225/45 sport rubber..
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Welcome. I really like the wheels. What brand/style/size are they?
Bump. Looks like Iptal isn't checking in regularly.

Anyone else know what wheels he has on his car? I don't recognize them.
Megadiesel, you have done what is known as hijacking a thread. Your post has nothing to do with the post that you replied to. In addition to being poor etiquette, your post will get little or no attention since no one will expect to find info or questions about your e420 under a post titled "My W124 -- From Turkey." Please start a new thread using the appropriate title. Having said that, welcome to the forum. The 420 is a nice little rocket ship and should be loads of fun for you. A black on black car in Florida, however, seems questionable. I hope you can park it under cover!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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