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My transmission is slipping and I need upgrade suggestions?

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Hello everyone,
I have a e320 cdi and it comes with the famous 5 speed 722.6 transmission, after constant abuse the transmission is starting to slip, it was slipping a little bit before but now it’s clearly noticeable and the mileage is horrible now! I 100% either damaged the transmission pump or the torque converter on installing the engine where I forgot the torque converter on the flywheel and took the transmission out! ! Luckily I found a used 722.6 transmission from the a 2005 e320 cdi with 170k miles for 600$ locally. After I install the transmission on the car and get the car working again, I’m looking to rebuild the transmission on it! What do most of you guys recommend on modifications on the transmission for about 500 crank hp and what are some recommended shops around Tri-State area ( NY, NJ, CT)that work on the 722.6
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I've seen sub 100k mile 722.6 go for $200.
You could swap a V8 or V12 722.6. has more clutches.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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