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2008 CLS 550
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My (new to me) 1998 500 SL coup, has now twice geared down to maybe 2nd as I slowed to turn. It geared down enough I thought I had shifted her down. Anyone had this experience. She has 92000 miles and was traveling around 34 MPH at the times.

Also I was wondering (I do not have the books yet) what are the two red lights hanging down from the top of the speedometer housing. The one on the left flashes sometimes and not other times.

One more thing, she has low profile directional tires and pulls to the right. I have had her aligned twice in recent weeks, the second place said it was out pretty bad and they did do a better job than the first. I switched front tires also, no difference. No wear on the rather new tires. Should I find someone with a better alignment machine or do I have to put up with this pull? They are not name brand tires on the front.

Oh yes, one more question. My brakes only squeek when I am backing up, does that mean I need to replace the front disks now?

Thanks to everyone,

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