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My smart key

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Hello MB guys , my remote smart key is not a long way distance connection remote anymore ,i 've to be near the car not more ameter to open or close ..i 've changed its battery but also no way ...what can i do to increase two way distance connection betn the car and my remote smart key?
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Grow longer arms?
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Have you done a search on the forums yet for past discussions?
"w210 increase remote fob range", etc....

UPDATE your user CP info...


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I 'll ..hope i can find it the way it andorid mobile version i can'nt find it on that version
Did you just recently got this W210? how many miles you have?
Sorry it is Just about 11000 miles
Sorry bro..i just search khomer2 but i do'nt find...
I would suggest that do quick research on our DIY section before posting any issues that already been discussed and solved in the past, and getting frustrated if someone doesn't reply quicky with your questions. There are tons of good information about W210 here and some are technical and helpful.

Just about 110,000 miles
Please complete your USER PROFILE.

Vehicle Yr and Model & Location.

Danial, I know that you are a relatively new owner of your W210 as well as
member of this forum. Some suggestions which may help get you up to speed and
knowledge may come by reading many of the compilations already in the

There may not be a need to query folks for a customized response when the
STICKY may already have indexed or compiled some good responses
from earlier experiences and discussion. If you don't find it after a little reading,
do ask !

Given the time difference and work schedules, etc you may not receive an
immediate response to your question. That's the nature of the forum, which
I might add, is different from chat or instant messaging.

STICKY has entry under "Smartkey, increasing operating range"
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