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My SLK 230 Transmission flush

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Hello to all the fine people on this site any many thanks for all the great post.
1998 SLK 230 85k miles
I started with a vibration/shaking when in reverse and after much reading narrowed it down to fluid level in the transmission and not the motor mounts and I just replaced the radiator and had lost a little fluid.
I used the MB guide 722.6 flush pdf I found.
And changed the electrical connector also.
Removed and replaced the filter, gasket and connector, drained the torque converter then I removed the banjo bolt on the transmission and had a hose that the banjo bolt would tread into (didn't have the adapter) and tightened the bolt into the hose and it worked rather nicely.
Poured in 7 qts of shell ATF 134 (I know its not MB but it is on the list) started the car and pumped 2 qts into a one gallon jug the first pint was old fluid from the lines and cooler and then replaced the line. 3 more qts got it close to the mark, drove the car for 30 mins and checked the level and it needed about a pint. Note: my infrared thermometer only measured 69 degrees Celsius after the ride which is the same measurement it read before I started the job after the the wife drove it home.
FYI: I believe the MB spec on removing the line at the transmission allows for 99.9% of the fluid to be replaced vs removing the line at the radiator as I thought this was important when changing the fluid to the new spec.
And by being able to drain the torque converter I did not need to drain 3qts pour 3qts ect.. as in the guide.
The car shifted really smooth and no more shaking in reverse.

Thanks again for all the info on this site!

P.S. Next is the top, the pump spins and nothing happens.


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Since you are lucky enough to have a drain plug on your torque converter, there is no need to disconnect the cooler lines. Just drain the pan and converter and you get 95% of the fluid out. Replace filter and gasket and efill and you're done.

I'm still betting on motor mounts. :)
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