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So i can't deal with my SL anymore, its falling apart right in front of my eyes. slowly, i can't deal with it anymore. As some of you know it is my daily driver, but I've already bought another car to daily drive as this SL is dying. (2002 Volkswagen GTI)

I had a weird electrical problem and most of you suggested it was my voltage regulator so i had my indy replace it. Worked well for the most part. I think i messed it up badly though. I have a subwoofer behind the driver seats and i unplugged it and forgot to insulate the pos/neg cables. They were touching and i didn't notice so i turn the radio on and i guess i short circuited something and everything started dying, lights, radio, a/c, interior lights, head lights, then eventually, the engine died. had to get the car towed. My dad has been trying to pin point the problem as i had school all day, and the fuses for my mid range and bass are directly connected to my battery. He unplugged both of them and trickle charged it. Once it had charge, the car started perfectly fine and drove perfect, no problem! however, we thought it was all good and working again so we finished up the work. Came back to the car a couple of hours later and it wouldn't start, barely had battery (it would turn over ver very slowly)

My question is am i looking at a new battery? alternator? or any other crazy thing?

(also there was a very funky burnt smell coming from the battery right after the car died the first time)

Please help me as i need to get this car going again!

Any help, and i mean any help would be greatly ppreciated

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If the battery is old, or damaged, get a new battery.
You need voltage to keep the modules working.

The other thing is if the battery is worn out, you can overload and damage the
new regulator.

If you parked, yes I did that too on my younger days, haha, and play the music with amplifiers, the possibility of damage is much greater. ;)
Now that I am wiser, music on engine ON.

Your alternator ONLY produces 100 amps an HOUR at about 3000 rpm.

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